Rappaport Lock & Alarms

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We got the key to your every lock problem!

A&N Rappaport Locks has Rockland County’s largest inventory of keys for your home, office, school, safe deposit boxes, industrial complex, car, antiques, and many more…

Want to make a spare key for your home? Come visit one of our locations and we will make you a spare key on the spot. Lost your house key? Call us and we will send one of our emergency technicians to you!

Tired of having a different key for every door in your office or building? Give us a call to install a master-key system. Having a master key system can reduce the number of keys needed and improve the property’s security.

Looking for a new key for your car? Don’t want to pay dealer prices? Look no further. We specialize in car key replacement and spares. Our professional locksmith can assist you with replacement for your transponder key, OEM key, laser-cut key, or Chip key.

High-Security Locks

At A&N Rappaport locks we take safety seriously. The safety of our clients is our #1 priority. We are proud to offer our clients high-security solutions for their home or office.

High-security locks have many advantages over standard door locking hardware. In addition to high-security locks being pick resistant, they are drill and lock bumping resistant. As an added security measure, there is no unauthorized duplication of keys made for these lock systems; meaning only YOU can have your high-security keys duplicated.