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access control

Access Control Systems

Access control systems, also known as keyless entry systems or buzzer systems. They allow you to truly control who has access into your home or business.

Intercoms & Entry Systems

Intercoms and entry systems are great for private homes, private offices, and apartment buildings, as well as large office complexes. These systems allow you to find out who is at the door and communicate with them prior to allowing someone in.


Intercoms can range in size from having just one at your front door to systems designed for large apartment or office complexes. Whatever your need, Rappaport Alarms, Inc. are your intercom experts. We also specialize in VIDEO INTERCOM SYSTEMS where you can also see who is at your door while you talk to them!

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems are a little more advanced than your basic intercom. Again, these systems are great for your home or for the largest of applications. Instead of just beeping an indoor box in your home, apartment, or office, these systems would actually dial your home or cell phone. Thus, allowing you to buzz people into your premises no matter where you are! Rappaport Alarms, Inc. also installs, services, and maintains telephone entry systems that work together with gate operators.