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44 Control Monitored Residential Fire Alarm Systems

We use fire alarm systems that utilize the latest technology, and can be used in any size location and in any situation. Our fire alarm systems will immediately notify our central station of any fire-related situations in your home and business, and will have the fire department on its way within seconds.

Rappaport Alarms, Inc. is fully licensed and insured to design, install, or service your existing fire alarm system.

44 Control Monitored Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

In Rockland County, all commercial fire alarm systems must be monitored by the Rockland County fire coordinator. The county has its own fire monitoring center which was designed and developed to make sure that all commercial facilities are in compliance with all local and national fire codes. We at Rappaport Alarms, Inc. are under contract with Rockland to be one of the few alarm companies that is allowed to install commercial fire alarm systems in Rockland County, as well as to perform your required quarterly fire inspections.

Fire protection devices for a commercial facility include the following devices:

Heat Detectors

If your commercial facility were to go above 135 degrees (or 194 degrees in your attic), these heat detectors would be activated, notifying the fire coordinator.

Smoke Detectors

We are licensed and trained to know exactly how many smoke detectors your facility needs in order to make you compliant with all local and national fire codes.

Manual Pull Stations

All commercial facilities are required to have a manual pull station near all egresses. If there is a fire in the facility, as you are on your way out the door, you pull one of these handles, and that will activate your alarm system.


Strobes and strobe horns will be installed as per fire codes to notify anyone in or around your facility that there is a fire, and to either exit the premises or to NOT come in. When properly installed to fire codes, everyone, including those who are either deaf or blind, will be notified that there is a fire and to exit immediately.

Call us and have a licensed and trained professional design, install, or service your commercial fire alarm system!